All U.S. T-Shirt orders are shipped with tracking, but stickers can be shipped with tracking or without. If you order a shirt and some stickers, select the free shipping option for the stickers and I'll put them in the same package as the shirt. All International slap / decal orders are mailed via USPS in a stamped envelope. There is no tracking, and no way to know where you order is if it does not show up. If you have any questions, please email [email protected]. If it has not been at least 3 weeks (4 weeks if outside the US) since you ordered, please do not contact me about your order.

*If you have a P.O. Box please write the address exactly how it looks when you get mail to the P.O. Box, AND write it in the note section. It's far more likely that your order will show up quickly if I don't have to email you later trying to figure out where to send it.*


 **If you are a student at a college / university and your mailing address is in a weird format, please write your mailing address in the note section. It makes shipping far easier for me.**


I am not responsible for your item going to the wrong place if your address was entered incorrectly. Please double check before completing your order.


Thank you :)